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updated wed 22 aug 01


Marie Gibbons on tue 21 aug 01

Thank you! This is just what I was thinking, but didn't take the time to
post.... it would be very beneficial to hear from both presentors and
attendees on the good things they have expereinced in workshops, so those of
us who teach, and or go to be taught can look for the plus factors in the
workshops we are involved with!

marie gibbons

> One way we might turn this difficult debate to the positive is to ask
> ourselves WHAT MAKES A WORKSHOP GOOD?. Rather than attributing a good
> workshop to a particular person, why not examine the qualities that make a
> good workshop. We could all learn something. Not to suggest that everyone
> presenter runs gives a workshop in exactly the same way, but there must be
> some "general principles" we can discover together.
> I have, for example, for a long time thought that NCECA lectures would be
> better if the presenters were given a list of things to consider such as:
> "practice your lecture to make sure it conforms to the time allowed".
> Diana
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