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terrible workshops -- artimater

updated wed 22 aug 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on tue 21 aug 01

Assuming I was referring to you, when I mentioned a harrassing clayarter, you wrote:

>Perhaps you called that clayarter a sexist AND a racist ONLIST...

Sexist, yes. Funny how memory can twist to serve our purposes; I recall apologizing for misunderstanding your post, followed by a friendly, enjoyable correspondence off-list. Like my PMI example, folks seem to remember the negative and forget the positive...

As for racist... I wasn't one of the people who lined up to call you that over the "mexican janitor" thread... rather I reacted to your on-list unpleasantness toward and dismissal of anyone enjoying success as an artist -- all apparently "brown nosers", sell outs, rich kids with degrees, or part of some nefarious plot. Nothing like a little negativity to alienate the folks at clayart.

You wrote:
>I don't personally attack people ONLIST....

This is just too funny. I'd love to cruise the archives and pull up some prime attacks on people to reprint here but it would take too much precious time. I bet others can recall those posts without my help. What, by the way, is a "bandeho"?

You wrote:
>There are several people on this list who got a real charge
out of bashing me personally....I sent several letters back, attacking their
little worlds, OFFLIST....Most of them have learned to shut up..

If by "shut up" you mean quit reading your posts or block you from their email, I know that to be a fact. To be honest, I am aware that when I quit reading your posts, I missed out on some thoughtful and insightful writing. You do that sometimes. But it just wasn't worth the times those other, tantrumming, vile-spewing posts HEHEHE that made me sick to my stomach. Some have speculated on-list about whether the two voices of artimater are related to snakes and indulgences -- it doesn't matter much to me. It's like avoiding gerstley borate and certain types of clay-- I prefer consistency -- at least to know that what has been useful and pleasing in the past won't turn nightmarish without warning.

Yours, Kelly in Ohio

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