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keep those shelves like new -- shelves rating

updated wed 22 aug 01


Fabienne Cassman on tue 21 aug 01

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>the tedious work of cleaning them. So I decided that NO kiln wash
>would touch my pristine shelves. I made small tiles - stacks of them
>in various sizes - and put the wash on them. Then I wrote with a


The heavier the load, the more energy is used to achieve the same results. Assuming that statement is correct, wouldn't these extra tiles increase the energy consumed to achieve the same cone. Couldn't the extra energy cost be rerouted upfront in getting shelves that don't warp, which bring brings me to my next thought.

Isn't there someone that makes shelves that won't warp? When I open a catalog there are all kinds of shelves, home made mystery shelves, high alumina, silicon carbide, etc etc. However, no cone ratings are offered; am I missing something? I suspect the price is a clue, but what should one use for what cone?

Also, I have a vague memory of hearing/reading about some people using coarse silica on their shelves. It sounds messy, but is that practiced a lot or am I just tired and mixed up? :)



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