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keep those shelves like new

updated wed 22 aug 01


Hannah on tue 21 aug 01

While I'm still "stoked" from my great firing (that term must come from =
a wood firing potter!), I will pass on a little tip about shelves and =
kiln wash. This won't be a revelation to many, but with all the =
recent talk about kiln wash, it seems appropriate. Plus, I have =
gained so much from this list, only fair to pay back now and then. =
When I bought my kiln, I also got 16 nice new CLEAN kiln shelves. We =
all know how much those cost. For 30 years I have been putting kiln =
wash on them and then trying to deal with the problem of reversing them =
with each firing to prevent warping. Of course it can be a miserable =
problem, with flakes of wash settling on pots no matter how well I did =
the tedious work of cleaning them. So I decided that NO kiln wash =
would touch my pristine shelves. I made small tiles - stacks of them =
in various sizes - and put the wash on them. Then I wrote with a =
ceramic pencil on each shelf - A on one side, B one the other. In my =
kiln log, I write down which side was up for that firing, so next time =
it's the reverse. So simple, and so perfect! Hope it's useful to =

Love to all-
Hannah from Lake Tahoe

Sam Wild on tue 21 aug 01

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Subject: Keep Those Shelves Like New

I have high alumina shelves, almost white, so I just mark the top of the
shelve with a pencil as I unload the kiln, and then load the kiln with the
pencil marks on the underside of the shelf. The way I mark them also keeps
the same side of the shelf between the two posts and the other side resting
on one post.
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