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good workshop-do tell

updated wed 22 aug 01


Marta Matray Gloviczki on tue 21 aug 01

this workshop thread makes me think...
bad wksp, good wksp...
to tell or not to tell?

since i did not have a formal education nor
training in pottery and because i started to work in
clay only 5 or 6 years ago, i consider myself a
student forever who takes workshops to learn
different techniques. i am lucky to live not too far
away from minneapolis, and i can drive up once a week
for a 10 or 12 weeks workshop at the northern clay
center. (throwing, handbuilding, low fire, high fire,
beginner or advanced, etc...) that is great, i can
recommend it to anyone.
i also try to attend one summer workshop a year,
(depending on my family`s summer schedule) and i had
some fantastic teachers i learned a lot from.
my advice is to do research:
* know and appreciate the work of the
workshop-presenter! --- if you dont like his or her
work: DO NOT TAKE that wksp, even if that is the only
time you can go ---
* somebody already mentioned: make sure the class
you sign up for has an assistant! (i wouldn`t guess
how important a good assistant is, until i learned the
hard way)
* reserve your spot well in advance, good wksps
fill fast!
* ask clayart, clayart is marvelous- you will get a
lot of advices.

some craft-schools were already mentioned on this list
as good ones, i can add as IMHO:
personally i never had a better workshop experience
than at ANDERSON RANCH ART CENTER in snowmass village
in colorado. good classes, good teachers, good food,
not to mention fresh air and scenery...

Marta Gloviczki

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L. P. Skeen on tue 21 aug 01

Y'all want a good workshop, go to one where Charlie Riggs and his wife Linda
are the presenters. :) His work has been featured in CT and prolly others