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cone 6 ox. iron blue - what you say?

updated wed 22 aug 01


Josh Lynch on tue 21 aug 01

Hey Clayart!

Here's a glaze I got by line blending a glaze from an ancient Ceramics Monthly, and the infamous Randy/Gregg's Red. And fiddling with it vigorously and randomly (with Ron Roy's help).

So to make a long story short its denim blue with hints of pink, breaking to clear on a red-firing clay body. Electric fire. Its translucent straw yellow on a white body.

Chemistry lovers: Boron-blue flush encouraged by Iron?

Donkey Blue. ^6 oxidation.
Whiting 15
Custer feldspar 43
Silica 18
Talc 3
Gerstley borate 7
Zinc oxide 6
Frit 3134 3
Strontium carbonate 1
Red Iron ox 3
Bentonite 2

Josh in North Carolina

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