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terrible workshops need advice: an answer

updated mon 20 aug 01


Charles Moore on sun 19 aug 01

I agree with Vince's general comments on "terrible workshops"--some of which
I have repeated below.

We would, I believe, be more helpful to the Clayart community to share
information on good or great workshops.

On July 21-22, I attended an Eric Struck workshop called "Throwing
L-A-R-G-E" at the FireArt ClayWorks in Orangevale, CA (just outside
Sacramento). It was a terrific workshop: Eric's explanations and
demonstrations have forever changed and enlarged (excuse the inadvertent
pun) my throwing. The workshop was hosted by Morgan Britt, who runs the
FireArt ClayWorks she can be reached at or by phoning (916)
988-9330. Check with her on future workshops and classes.

I have no affiliation with FireArt ClayWorks or with IMCO, where Eric is
manager of clay production.

Charles Moore
Sacramento, CA

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From: "vince pitelka"
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 9:14 PM
Subject: Re: Terrible Workshops Need Advice

Earlier comment
> > I find it very frustrating when you do not share what workshop you are
> > talking about so that others can be more careful and possibly avoid this
> > situation. Please be kind and brave enough to share this information.
> > Otherwise do not bring it up.
> There have been a number of posts with this tone, and I cannot believe
> Clayart members would be so insensitive and vindictive. . . . Let's keep
this discussion
> list as positive as possible, and let's do whatever we can to avoid ever
> having it degenerate into a blacklist.
> Best wishes -
> - Vince