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refunds/ speaking of workshops

updated mon 20 aug 01


Dannon Rhudy on sun 19 aug 01

Chris wrote:
>I signed up for a workshop. The night before I sent an email stating I
would not be attending. As my email went out, the cancellation of the
workshop notice came in, same time. It's been almost four month and they
have yet to reschedule........

Chris, if the workshop was cancelled, you should
most certainly get your money back, all of it.

You are not obliged to re-schedule no matter the
reason for the cancellation. If you WISH to reschedule,
then you likely need to have an actual conversation
with whoever/whatever is running the workshop. Don't
wait about, though - the longer you wait, the more likely
to lose your funds/deposits. Records get lost. Make
sure YOURS don't.


Dannon Rhudy