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let's salute excellent workshops/an artist is.....mel

updated mon 20 aug 01


Merrie Boerner on sun 19 aug 01

Peter King's workshop was well worth the money. He is intense,
intelligent, fun, and gives you lots of hands on experience and print outs.
It is about much more than just architectural ceramics. I had a blast and
learned much.
I have also been to John C. Campbell Folk School three times. My first
trip to a class about "Textures in Clay" was kind of a flop.....but I had
fun and went back the next year..... I fired with wood there for the first
time and was hooked. I went back to fire with wood again (a 9 day workshop)
and enjoyed it even more. There are so many interesting classes going on at
the same time as the one you are taking that you can take a break and visit
glass beading, wood turning, harmonica lessons, bird watching, edible forest
plants......many other interesting classes. THEN, you get to eat at the
table three times a day with all these craftsmen/artist in other fields. AND
there is dancing and music like you don't normally here (even in
Mississippi). It's a beautiful place with quaint accommodations.
Lowell Baker and I held a kiln building workshop on my land....I think
the participants were pleased.....I was ! It takes tons of work to
organize those things ! Even now, when I have woodfiring workshops, it takes
weeks to prepare for 3 days of workshop...and that is including all the help
that the participants are expected to do !
I'm all for continuing education. It is hard for a country gal in a
small town, working hard at a pottery business, to drive to class 60 miles
away, so I go to workshops instead, and visit potter friends to pick their
brains. Clayart is also a wonderful "workshop" that feeds my desire to
evolve in clay.
I have seen Vince, John Baymore and Mel on stage demonstrating and
talking (joking) at the Alabama Clay Conf. IT WAS FANTASTIC ! Not really a
"workshop"....but very informative and entertaining.
Off the subject, but this has been on my mind, and those three guys are
prime examples......I think, with all this talk about "what is an
artist"....that an artist is INTENSE. We see colors brighter, hear music
clearer, search harder, laugh more (even if silently), love more freely,
give more generously of ourselves, feel pain and empathize more
deeply....this is why we hurt so badly for Mel. .....even those who have
never met him hurt deeply....believe me, to know him is to love him. Thank
goodness for this group of artist who are daily giving, sharing, laughing,
growing together. We are world wide ! We are 3,000 strong ! We are Intense !
Merrie in Mississippi