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kilnvisor-palm, final release.

updated mon 20 aug 01


Jonathan Pennington on sat 18 aug 01

Updated, tested, proven. It is guaranteed not to crash or loose data
more than windows. KilnVisor-palm kiln logging software is complete
(well, somewhat). It's a stable version that logs everything I can
think of, including cost/hr, and calculates your firing cost and
firing time. Most fields are checked with quick popup menus, and I
have logged two actual firings, both in under about 20 seconds. The
popup menus are all user defined, so after the initial setup, logging
is quick. This lets each individual user add their own popup values
for kilns, temperatures, atmospheres, weather, and cost.

The major missing feature is load details (eg. 12 standard mugs, 14
funky plates, etc). This is because a seperate application in the
suite (KilnVisor inventory manager) will link with this and have cost
of materials/item etc. That way, in the future, you can even quickly
track all the items (assuming they're fairly standard in your work)
per firing.

Documentation is on the way (maybe tomarrow), as well as the rest of
the palm suite. Then I'll work on the desktop suite for everyone.

All the programs planned are:

KilnVisor logging software (released)
KilnVisor inventory manager and cost analysis tool (planned)
GlazeVisor recipe software (planned)
GlazeVisor analyzer (planned)

It's available to you free only if you are a human being currently
residing on the planet Earth. Others will have to pay a fee.

(Condolences to Mel will be sent privately)
Jonathan Pennington |

"It's hard to take life too seriously
when you realize yours is a joke." -me