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james watkins book/ a digression

updated mon 20 aug 01


Ann Brink on sun 19 aug 01

The book title mentioned in the post below, "A Meditation of Fire" reminds
me of a haunting dream I had a few years ago: (slightly clay-related )

The time frame seemed like centuries ago, people wearing long robes, etc and
there were crowds milling around- a huge celebration going on. There was an
altar or pedestal with a huge bull standing on it. Somehow there were
enormous fires in the background. I became aware that the ritual was called
"Python" and thought to myself, "oh yes, that means "Festival of Fire".

I don't know Greek or Latin, but am aware that "Pyre" has to do with fire,
and the suffix "thon" is applied to events, so it made perfect "dream-sense"

To the point-sounds like a holiday for potters! How the bull ties in though,
I'm not sure. We do sometimes charge right in and try untested glaze
combinations on a good bisqued pot- well, some of us do.

Ann Brink in CA

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> Freinds,
> We have "A Meditation Of Fire, The Art Of James C. Watkins" in stock at
> Potters Shop. It's a beautiful book that does wonderful justice to James
> his work.
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