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glazing big plates: capt. hook style

updated sun 19 aug 01


dch999@HOMINID.NET on sat 18 aug 01

Just wanted to mention that one method for handling big plates and platters
uses "finger extensions" ala Capt.Hook. Actually, potters all over the
world have been using these for centuries.

I use brass brazing rods and cut and bend them as needed to fit the size of
plates or platters I'm dealing with. I use a pair of lineman's pliers for
that. Imagine a rod about the diameter of a coat hanger wire. Bend one end
into a hook shape and the other into a loop for your finger. I use three:
one to extend my thumb,the other two for the first and middle fingers.
Sometimes, instead of cuttng one each for my fingers, I cut one long one
and bend it into a wide V-shape. The hooks are at the ends and the point of
the V is rounded to accomodate my middle finger. Play with it.

Put the hooks over he rim and the loops over your fingers and grip. If the
plate is heavy you may have to grip hard enough where the wire will have a
tendency to cut into your fingers...just wrap tape or slip a piece of
sponge between the wire and your flesh.

I'd practice on some funky bisque-ware first. Once you get the hang of it
you can become quite fast and dexterous in manipulating the ware. Just
remember to remove the hooks before scratching yourself or picking your

Chris Henley
Encinitas CA: where the Pacific is truly, and the summer air and water
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