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trevi fountain - some great images

updated sat 18 aug 01


Helen Bates on thu 16 aug 01

This a wonderful site for images of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The
first part is text, initially in English, followed by Italian. The
images follow.

Click on each "thumbnail" image for a huge image. Click your "back"
button to get back to the thumbnails.

There are a number of pages of thumbnails, with close up and distant
views from all directions and points of view.

I don't know who would care to undertake even a plaster copy of this,
but it sure is a wonderful work of art. My oh my!


PS: There's a sub site here too re: ceramics of the 19th century, The
XIX Century Popular Ceramics of Veneto (Venice?). They are pictorial
plates. Animal, flower, human, religious, zodiac, Calendar art are

by the way, the English home page for the entire site is:


Helen Bates