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james watkins book

updated mon 20 aug 01


Clay Coordinator on thu 16 aug 01


You can get the James Watkins book at Penland Supply store. We have =
some copies left. Or it is published out of Texas Tech. College when =
James Watkins is a professor.

It is in Lubbock Texas.


John Britt

Steven Branfman on sun 19 aug 01

We have "A Meditation Of Fire, The Art Of James C. Watkins" in stock at The
Potters Shop. It's a beautiful book that does wonderful justice to James and
his work.

For info feel free to contact me.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
31 Thorpe Rd.
Needham MA 02494, USA
781 449 7687
fax: 781 449 9098