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two solitudes: was: making a living

updated fri 17 aug 01


Kathy McDonald on thu 16 aug 01

On Aug 15 Howard Scoggins wrote:

>>>Priddy's comments on this subject are not relevant to all readers,
If one is happy living the life of convenience
and consuming, plugged into the world of entertainment and infotainment,
and blissed out on progress american style--then why make
any changes that have a negative impact on this wonderful world?.....>>>>>

..this kind of polarization is exactly what I am talking about.
Why does it have to be *one* (consumerism) or the *other* (not exactly
sure what to call it 'cept anti-consumerism)?

It's the same issue with whether or not one calls themself a potter,,
it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

We all make lifestyle choices ..yes...some make more dogmatic and dramatic
choices than
others. I have tried, attempting NOT to make judgments about other's
lifestyle choices,
to indicate that one can still be considered a *potter* even if one does not
choose to
make all of one's income from pottery.

I don't exactly know where to place myself on the consumer continuum......
I drive an old car, make my own bread, wine and grow a garden to preserve
and can for winter.
I love thrift shops, refinish old furniture,
and love to cook and entertain my friends.

I don't *do* TV, I love music and if I
have spare dollars I'll likely spend it on a good blues
or classical CD or concert, or to upgrade
my pottery books or equipment.

I work full time for a school district as a social
worker, and I like the security this vocation affords me.
I didn't like the financial insecurity when pots were
my only source of income,,it was scary sometimes.
It felt like when I was growing up on the farm .......
the constant worry about a crop failure. So, it
is a personal choice I've made.

and,,,,no David H. my kids don't "need" me to pay for their
education,,,,,both work at McJobs to
assist themselves,,,but you got to admit its pretty damn hard for kids to
survive on their own and put
themselves thru any kind of post secondary training these days. Much more
difficult than when our
generation had to face the same life issues. I *want* to be able to help

(A very good example of want
and need.)

I think Elizabeth was the one who mentioned the defensive tone of some of
the replies to her post... I can only speak for myself..but defensive was
one of the last emotions I recognized in my initial reaction.

I guess, to be honest, my first reaction was one of ,,"hey, does this lady
really understand?"

This kind of a forum is not the ideal one for the check and balance kind of
rapport that makes
for truly good communication, I think we all have to be careful about making
judgments or
assumptions about others without first checking things out. We all have our
own inner arrogance
to deal with...let's not let it be used to judge the choices others make.

I look foreword to the day that I can *just* make pots....and when the time
is right I will make
the choice to do just that.

Some internal motors are Harley's,,,,some are Toyota Tercels.