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updated thu 16 aug 01


Joyce Lee on wed 15 aug 01

I appreciate the production potter who resents the lower prices some of =
the recreational potters
ask when doing their one or two shows a year. I priced too low at my =
one big show, also.... the other potters very KINDLY ..... without once =
referring to me as an "old lady" or inferring that
I was "just playing" while they were Very Serious
Experienced Artists/Craftspersons and that I was somewhat less than =
worthy ...... KINDLY told me what was happening, the loss I was taking =
and how my lower prices..... for a mug, say (I had no idea that mugs =
were so significant!) .... might negatively impact their sales. They =
suggested that I come by their booths, check out their work and prices, =
and maybe use theirs as a guideline,
but lower mine a couple of dollars based on my newbie status. I did. =
Worked great. =20

However, they also recognized and stated that they needed new blood =
infused into the local shows ..... new and enthusiastic potters who =
cared about every single sale and every customer.... were thrilled to be =
included.... who weren't critical of their potential customers nor of =
their "competition" .... who felt and acted as if they were attending a =
grand party.... weren't resentful of, nor intimidated by, the Owners of =
the Show. When I apologized for whooping rather loudly&dancing a jig =
when I collected my first dollar, they laughed and said such enjoyment =
was contagious and that they, themselves, had been more attentive to =
their sales, the children and customers than they'd been in a while.... =
infected by my honest feelings of excitement and caring, and then by =
each other. Even the non-potters.... the woodworkers, painters, quilters =
etc said they'd not had such fun at a show since THEY first started =
selling. One gentlemen across the way from my booth even bought ALL the =
pots I had remaining ... don't know what he planned to do with them..... =
they were teabowls before I had the sense to know what a teabowl =
comprises ... my customers weren't impressed, I know.... especially the =
ones who'd spent time in Japan and Korea. =20

The other item I'd like to address is a question as to why.... why.... =
do potters who resent the ignorance of the newbie NOT do something about =
it, other than whine? And, yes, I am a champion whiner...... have a =
degree in it..... still ... maybe that experienced potter might do =
better to change his work so that it is SO DESIRABLE that
no potential customer could keep his wallet in his hip pocket when his =
eyes glom on to its stunningness...... I know that when I took Robin =
Hopper's glaze course, 9 of the 10 of us were looking for NEW glazes... =
they were pros... the class was FOR professionals ..... (how I got in is =
another story) ..... and they mixed glazes and prepared test tiles for =
two weeks 8 to 14 hours daily ...... thrilled at their NEW work.. =
couldn't wait to get to their next show.... or their gallery .... took =
pictures of each others' tiles.... copied each others' assignments ... =
even though they'd been in the business for 20/30 years....... RENEWED =
EXCITEMENT in the body and work of a true PROFESSIONAL is a sight to =
generate wonder ......

In the Mojave knowing.... in spite of the above...
that after my guild committment is completed in another couple of years, =
I'll probably start having home sales......=20