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making a living....attn: e.priddy

updated thu 16 aug 01


Kathy McDonald on wed 15 aug 01

I think I said in an earleir post that lifestyle choices are
very personal, and that one has to make choices and sometimes sacrifices.
Question Elizabeth,,,do you have children who are at the age where you
have to assist them to obtain an education??? COSTS big time...and its

It's not about designer jeans anymore,

Kathy McDonald

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a few people discussing making a living recently
indecated that they need two incomes to live and theat
they can't pot full time and do all they need to do.

If you are inthis boat and you do not believe that you
could be "just a potter" and make it, think again.

it is about priorities. If it is important to you,
you can do it. Your kids don't need designer clothes
and you don't each need a seperate tube of toothpaste.

I could tell you some hard luck stories and success
stories about people who turned their consumer driven
lifestyles around and finally got around to doing what
they choose to do, but I won't.

Go to the library, where books are FREE, and get a
copy of THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE, the big compendium. It
will tell you how and you will either listen or not.
But stop deluding yourself that you NEED an suv, new
car, new clothes, or those frozen dinners and chips
and cookies. Maybe what you NEED is a life worth
living, one that you choose to live, rather than one
where you "have to" work two jobs just get by.

Elizabeth Priddy
PO Box 2342
Beaufort, NC 28516

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Chris Clarke on thu 16 aug 01

i agree, my kids wear walmart. we only run the air for a short time(it's
102 today). all the lights are off. we share a car with my parents since i
take my mom everywhere and she hates to drive. we don't eat out or go to
the movies. we canceled our ten year wedding anniversary trip because my
boy just got braces. we share a home with the parents because mortgages are
killers out here (and everywhere i assume) and it's easier to split it then
to live in town. and we are saving for college for two boys and still paying
off ours. no designer jeans here (but i do have my own toothpaste)

temecula, california