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updated thu 16 aug 01


iandol on tue 14 aug 01

Dear Wesley Rolley,

You comment implies: "resolve the rim." A lot of design and technique is hidden in a =
little phrase.>

I think this is one of these "Buzz Phrases" borrowed from the Painters. =
They seem to like to bring a painting to "Resolution" which usually =
means painting and scraping and repainting and rescraping until the =
whole thing seems to hang together when you look at it from sixty feet.

How you would be able to do that to a rim, which seems to be the last =
thing people think about when they start to throw a pot, is beyond me, =
unless you start with the rim in mind and work on it simultaneously with =
the footring and the body. This means planning and thinking about the =
total form before or as you centre and open the clay so that you leave =
sufficient mass up above to complete the task.

And I would conclude that the same thing is needed when making pots =
which need handles or similar appendages. They should be part of the =
original conception, part of the total design, either in the =
imagination or as a preliminary sketch.

To anyone who is having problems with handles. Do a "pot lid" exercise. =
Make a form and add a variety of handles to it. Up, down, in the middle. =
I recall being tutored by Peter Anderson more than twenty years ago. We =
did this. My final response was to insert the handles on a set of mugs =
so that they were pulled from the base rim then articulated upwards and =
over in a bold loop. The height of the loop was critical both to =
appearance and balance. Not easy to accomplish but very effective and a =
delight to use.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.