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what is an artist

updated thu 16 aug 01


Katheleen Nez on mon 13 aug 01

Dear Gwyn & Tony: What you brought up in recent
discussions made me think. End of the week is Indian
Market here in Santa Fe. Most people who go to sell at
Market make most of their annual income there. I only
maintain a presence there any more - I do juried shows
here and there, hopefully that generates enuff
interest in my work to motivate sales at my gallery.
My gallery owner is a good guy, he goes out on a limb
for us - he buys ads in American Craft & Ceramics
Monthly and puts the good word out. Everyone of us in
his gallery lives exclusively off of what we make thru
him and what we happen to drum up elsewhere. No side
jobs. It's called hand to mouth. Early this spring we
all went thru a semi-bad patch - Robert couldn't buy
becuz he wasn't selling. JUST RECOVERED from that
whole scenario - but I wouldn't change a thing. I wake
up and I then I work and then I fire and then I go and
sell. I wake up and then I work and then I fire and
then I go and sell. I'm not sure what constitutes an
quote unquote artist vs a commercial doer of 'art' but
i surely know iffen I don't sell i dont eat/have a
hovel to live in-paint at my kitchen table Thank god
for the Indian Health Service (and you also make a
point of Never Getting Sick...) And thnak god for the
good gallery owner...Went to NCECA this year in
Charlotte becuz i got a fellowship from SWAIA/the
Indian Market people, went last yr becuz Denver is
only 8 hrs away. But I dont have to wait tables and I
dont have to work in somebody's office and make pots
at night(yet) and becuz of that I consider myself very
very lucky. Thankful in NM, nezbah SEE ME IN NYC @
AMERICAN CRAFT MUSEUM IN SEPT. PS you guys use toothpaste?

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Sheron Roberts on wed 15 aug 01

Thank you Lee for your post and
quote from Goethe. I believe in
visualization and following through.
When an idea comes, work out
the design, the technical aspects
and begin.
As my mother likes to say, "put
legs on those words and ideas"
We just have to take the first step
and begin. =20