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updated wed 15 aug 01


Wendy Rosen on mon 13 aug 01

...Who cares what others charge?
Only those who are TRYING to make a living at this, of course!
Too many people in all types of businesses small and large never KNOW
what their cost of sale REALLY is!

I've watched complete industries fold because everyone is trying to
underprice each other... the problem in this community is that there
are too many people who don't NEED to make a living... and their
underpricing puts professionals out of business.

This is KILLING the ceramic community!!! I see ceramics at most
retail fairs marked at wholesale prices... why? Because the artist
isn't calculating lost studio production while preparing/driving/attending
and recovering from the show. People forget to include all their overhead...

It's all fun and games until someone loses their career!!! It's all about
raising values and prices ...and everyone's standard of living! It's about
more than flush toilets .... it's about private schools for our kids!!!

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Lee Love on tue 14 aug 01

----- Original Message -----
From: "Wendy Rosen"

> more than flush toilets .... it's about private schools for our kids!!!

There are a wide range of values held by people making clay. Some of us
support universal education (it is indispensable for the functioning of a
democracy) and the public school system. High school here in Japan is mostly
a private affair. Free compulsory education is only offered until 9th grade.
It is a bad way to go. ALL children in society are its most important
resource. A young creative mind, and not just my child or yours, is our hope
for a brighter future.

When we stop thinking about the collective good and only focus on what
we can steal for "our own", democracy with die and we will just be left with
capitalistic materialism. Going back to the jungle is not progress.

Willem Gebben said:

"Trading intuition and creativity for something that sells isn't a good
transaction. If one's work never provides economic security, at least one has
the satisfaction of doing what feels right. Money can't buy that."


Lee Love
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