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is that canadian english, american english or english english ?

updated wed 15 aug 01


Kamp, Ryan on tue 14 aug 01

I believe he was meaning lifelike which means "Accurately
representing real life (as in a lifelike statue)".

Ryan Kamp

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> Subject: Is that Canadian English, American English or English
> English?
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> Subject: Is that Canadian English, American English or English
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> I must be losing my command of any English.
> Dear Tony,
> what does this mean,and how do I make my life like that?
> Clip
> In my area of Ontario it costs at least a quarter million for an old
> house,
> a slum in Toronto is $300,000. then what about a studio????? Students are
> being taught in art school to make a life like penis. they are not being
> taught to make a living.
> End clip
> As for professional, hobby, and all that.
> Artist I leave for the public to decide.
> However, professional for me is fact. One who makes professional pots.
> Professional pots? Those that are made according to the standard of the
> craft of the
> particular region one is making pots for.
> I believe I am a professional potter because I earned a professional
> degree
> in ceramics.
> I passed my exams because I learned the skills expected of a student in
> order to pass.
> I believe there are professional potters with no degree, but acquired the
> skills by other means.
> Now that I live in a different area than where I earned my degree, I have
> to re-navigate good craftsmanship in some ways. The actual technique for
> getting a lump of clay into a pot are the same, but a lot of what I am
> making is totally different to suite the tastes and lifestyles of my
> region.
> In my area, some people have the opinion that professional potters are
> those who earn a living solely from their pots.
> In that case I am not a professional potter.
> My living is selling pots. Can I live on my earnings? Not in the standard
> we do now. My husband's income helps (mild use of the word) to support our
> standard of living, including different toothpaste tubes for each one of
> us. I could support my shop and materials on my earnings. But I would
> have to brush my teeth with grog, eat Kaolin and sleep in the shop, lit by
> candles. However, in Denmark I could support myself in "a" lifestyle with
> some standard, because of our welfare system. Could I support myself
> somewhere else in the world? Probably not in New Jersey, but probably
> have
> a decent life according to the standard in my beloved Cape Verde.
> So now the infinite discussion. There are millions of points, variables,
> few hard and fast facts. I
> can stand on the only fact I believe as fact is that a professional potter
> is someone who makes professionally made pots. Who knows what that
> is? Those who have learned the craft/skill and learn more about their
> potential everyday. Good craftsmanship, pots that support the purpose
> they
> are made for, is largely what I think professional is. Earning a living
> from these professional pots takes work, planning, time, space, living
> under a desired standard to one day meet the standard desired, hopefully
> solely supported by one's pottery income.
> I think all craftsmen have potential to be artists but not all artists are
> craftsmen. Before I am a ceramist, I am a potter. Of course in my own
> ego, I would like to hear that I am also a ceramic artist.
> But, finally, it is the name thing. There is so much to discuss, great to
> discuss. But in the end of all ends, I do have the need to wrestle too
> much with artist, potter, professional. I honestly need to throw pots and
> see how professional they can be.
> I wish had more time to think about all these things, but truly I hope one
> day I will earn a living to support a lifestyle where I can work less and
> read and write more.
> Tony, I have not forgotten your statement. I am smiling like a cat until I
> hear what this is.
> Best regards,
> Alisa in Denmark
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