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updated tue 14 aug 01


Wesley Rolley on mon 13 aug 01

I am not sure that I can tell anyone what defines a well-designed handle=
I just want to comment that even very good books such as Vince's hide =
lot in little phrases. One phrase, in particular, intrigues me in all=20=

that it implies: "resolve the rim." A lot of design and technique is=20=

hidden in a little phrase.=20

Wes Rolley

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On 8/12/01, 9:21:57 PM, Marianne Lombardo wrote =

regarding Handles:

> Hi Ron;

> Some of us that are not as skilled in pottery, would be interested to =

> what makes a well-designed handle. Books seem to show how to pull a=20=

> and that's it. I know that I am not happy with my handles, so any adv=
> tips would be appreciated. My handles stay on, and they look like the=
> in books, but they still lack something.

> Question to everyone: what defines a well-designed handles?