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david hendley workshop

updated tue 19 jul 05


Vicki Katz on tue 14 aug 01

Well, I had a nice glaze firing that I opened this morning ... makes my heart

But that is not the purpose of this note. DAVID HENDLEY is coming to Sugar
Land, Texas this month (as mentioned before on Clayart) for 2 hands-on
workshops at POTTER'S PLACE. We are all excited ... have ordered lunches for
the workshop - always a big deal for Karen & I - Karen's cleaning her place
up from the summer assault of kid's camps. We are worried about David being
comfortable in our homes, as he has generously accepted our hospitality ..
That is not why I am writing either ... sorry.

There are some openings for the THURSDAY/FRIDAY workshop on Aug 23 & 24. The
weekend workshop is booked with a waiting list. If you are interested in
attending the weekday workshop, please call Karen at 281-313-3223 and make
plans to attend. Everyone that knows David, is aware that he is a nice guy,
a great clay artist, very experienced in his art, well respected by his
peers, probably a Boy Scout. The cost of the workshop is $95 for members
of TCAA & $100 for non-members. It will be hands on. We will talk a lot
about extruders but David promises to help us with a variety of things
including glazes, etc. Oh yea, a light lunch is included both days and for
those of you not familiar with SE Texas, Sugar Land is adjacent to Houston -
SW of the "Big City". POTTER'S PLACE is easy to find on HWY 6 - South &
Karen will be happy to give you directions if you call her at 281-313-3223.

Thanks to everyone who read this & heartfelt Thank-you to the kiln gods :)

primalmommy on mon 18 jul 05

I was one of the folks who (sadly) got stood up for the Clennell
workshop -- homeland security at work -- but happily, got a week of
David Hendley. David is the real McCoy. Once you hear his slow, Texan
voice or his heartfelt belly-laugh, you'll hear them in your head every
time you read his posts.

I do things every day in the studio that I learned from David, and love
having his pots in my house. He is a whiz with extrusions, throwing,
handbuild bits and parts, glazes and slips, and he is incredibly
innovative when it comes to making his own tools and dies. When we
arrived for the Clennell workshop, we found him making a set of ribs and
some calipers from a road sign (he hadn't brought his throwing tools for
the previous week's extruder workshop.)

David, I brought my sardines last week, but our friend the little 'coon
never showed up...

Wish I could go back to ACC for David's workshop! It's really
affordable, and a great place to leave the world behind and focus on

Kelly in Ohio
(whose husband is now half convinced that he should be looking for a new
job managing an art facility instead of a biological research

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