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pricing and musings

updated mon 13 aug 01


Knox Steinbrecher on sun 12 aug 01

My pricing structure takes into account almost all the advice already given know, the comparative shopping etc. I also start with a general
guideline which is $10 a pound of clay used to throw the piece. So a 4# ball
of clay that becomes a bowl will sell in the $40 range, give or take for
decoration. Handles add anywhere from $2-$6. A piece that "sings" adds more.
Crude method, but it gives me a place to start. That's American money and
the "method" can be applied to any other form of exchange.
I agree that lowering prices is unfair to folks who have already made
purchases. It causes bad karma.
I do lots of shows every year and find that I CAN (and probably should)
change prices regionally, but it's a whole lot of work to replace those
little stickers and one or two always get missed. My time is better spent
making more pots.
Speaking of time, ( nice segue, huh?) I've missed my Clayart fix. I had to
switch to the digest version as I hadn't enough time to read all the posts
daily. Now I seem to be collecting digests and by the time I get to reading
any, I'm days behind at best and my thoughts have been expressed by someone
else. The train has moved on and I'm standing on the platform, suitcase in
hand. It will be a few weeks more before I can catch the next train. Busy
time for me. Just wanted to send hellos to Clayart folk out there. You
allow me to feel connected, even if I'm a bit behind. Atlanta of those solitary potters, sometimes in the
parade, sometimes on the sidelines. Nice to have flexability.