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suggested retail prices? waiting for the bruises.

updated sat 11 aug 01


james w. thomas on fri 10 aug 01

Hani and David have a good question and I would also like to know an answer if anyone has a rule of thumb.

An employer once said that his costs were over $5.a lb. for breakeven. My partner and I were trying to do figures on a 2.5 lb. 6" tall X 4" wide piece to be thrown, bisque fired in a Skutt elec. with the kiln packed, then horse hair or raku fire. (The horse-hair would be slightly less expensive.) We came up with a bare minimum of $4.60 at a per lb. price for breakeven. This is allowing for someone to quickly throw,  shelf dry, clean and label foot, load and bisque fire, pull from kiln and put on rack, glaze or not, reload into raku kiln, lpg fuel it up to temp., pull and either horse hair or play with the crackle or copper then bury in sawdust and newspaper barrel. I didn't allow for the phone bill, building rent or the clean up boy (that being either me or Roger).

Does this sound reasonable?

I haven't responded to any of the comments on repetitive throwing since I  got my head handed to me for trying to help someone with a problem. I worked for a production potter for 2.5 years and I had to do things his way. Everything was made from the wheel, one weighed and measured piece at a time. I took my bruising from him until I started nailing the shapes and no I never made an exact perfect copy, but they had to be dang close. It was an experience that taught me a lot about throwing and throwing fast. I got to where I could throw 24 serving bowls in a calm 6 hours without killing myself these items would then retail at about $35. for a bowl to $40. for a matching colander of that size.

Now I will sit back and wait the bruises.

From: hani and david

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>Subject: suggested retail prices

>Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 17:32:39 +0200


>i am wondering about the ''going rates" for pieces. are there any general

>guidelines? thanks, hani



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