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scrap gas kiln

updated wed 8 aug 01


Randy Peckham on tue 7 aug 01

I have electric kiln, but I would like to play around with salt, or wood,
or maybe raku. Maybe read a book or two, and play around in the backyard
somewhere. I have some blowers, as well as a diesel fuel gun, and plenty
of wood. I could probably have some fun, just need a cheap source for
bricks. I don't want to blow too much money, just recreation. I know
somebody who has an old gas kiln. The only stuff worth anything is the
hardbrick. What is the going price around New England for used hardbrick?
Do you know of any places that sell it. I have found a local supplier who
sells hardbrick new for about $2 ea. in quantity. I was told that seconds,
or used generally go for about 25-50cents each if you can find them.

This guy has all the iron, as well as the burners, and softbrick, but that
stuff is probably worthless because it has been stored outside in the open
for 20 years. The only thing of value is the pile of 400 or so hardbrick,
that have been kept inside. He doesn't know what he wants for it, he wants
me to make an offer. I think somewhere between $100-200. Any thoughts?

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