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: money for art.... why?

updated tue 7 aug 01


iandol on mon 6 aug 01

Dear Joyce,

Great books. Thanks for the follow up on that.

There are a lot of other notions which should be put to work to follow =
up on those ideas.

Much of the "3 Rs" type of stuff which is regarded as core education =
fails to excite a lot of kids. The result is behaviour inappropriate to =
a classroom. Back around about 1976 I was given,for those days, a large =
grant to spend on professional sculpting tools following research and =
trials which linked Tactile Activity with Learning to Draw and the =
amelioration of adverse classroom behaviour which blocked learning in =
mainstream classes situations.

I continued to teach sculpture in high school until 1991. The teacher =
who took over when I left found, when presented with kids who had one of =
those currently popular syndromes, that when given a block of plaster to =
chisel they changed their whole attitude to school.

Perhaps you also found out that it is possible to teach right across the =
curriculum through Design, Arts and Crafts, giving real need for using =
maths (faces are all fractions), science, language, humanities provided =
the Arts and Crafts teachers are prepared to make it so. One of my =
greatest disappointments was not being allowed to use immersion =
techniques in my Art classes to teach children to speak a second =
language. The excuse I was given was that the kids would not know the =
English Art vocabulary and so would put the next teacher at a =

Best regards,