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money for art.... why?

updated sun 5 aug 01


Joyce Lee on sat 4 aug 01

Ivor pointed out:

"I suggest that those of you who have an axe to grind on this one get =
into the education archives and look for Bloom, Benjamin S., Hastings, =
Thomas J. and Madaus, George F. "Handbook on Formative and Summative =
Evaluation of Student Learning". McGraw-Hill. New York. 1971. Reading =
Benjammin Blooms other books about constructiing a Taxonomy of =
Educational Objective is also enlightening"

Bloom's Taxonomy was the one most helpful reference I used as a teacher =
and later as an administrator. I began my teaching career in a most =
disoriented, hodge-podge of a middle school Special Education program. =
This was before California required various degrees and credentials for =
such a teacher and I was ill-prepared for the task that faced me each =
day. Until I discovered Bloom's and began to know WHY it was a good =
idea to DO the things I'd already sort of stumbled upon via teacher =
intuition ... Bloom's enabled me to move forward ... and my students to =
demonstrate true growth. Then when credentials were required, going =
"back" to school (for maybe the fifth time) was much easier for me =
because of this text.

If you need arguments for board presentations, Bloom's is well worth =
examining. You provide the fire, the spark, the determination to =
succeed ... Bloom gives you the smarts to do so.=20

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