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clayart cookbook and early xmas shopping...

updated tue 7 aug 01


Kenneth J. Nowicki on sat 4 aug 01

Hi Claybuds,

Just to let you know, I bought Christmas gifts WAY early for the first time
in my life this year... yup! Last night I went to Lisa's website and
purchased TWELVE Clayart Cookbooks to give away as Christmas gifts this
holiday season! I think they'll make a great addition to be given with a
special pot or mug to family and friends... cool!

So let's help Lisa out and get all those promised orders to her so she can
get this thing rolling... she's counting on all of us!

I can't wait to see the finished product!

in Encino, CA (soon to be Long Island, NY)

"Sending Lisa a non-chocolate recipe for her dessert section this
afternoon... "Lemon on Brown Paper"... wait until you taste it! It's awesome!"

Sandi Taylor on mon 6 aug 01

Dear Ken,
I do not have Lisa's website. Please send it to me. I am interested in her
Another claybud in Bradenton, Fla. who reads the clayart daily but has not
posted any messages.
Sandi Taylor