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support the cookbook!

updated sat 4 aug 01


gregg lindsley on fri 3 aug 01

Fellow clayarters-

I concur with Joyce about the cookbook Lisa is
putting together in NC. Please purchase a few of these
as pre Christmas presents, or whatever. Think of all
those people out there who would love to get something
other than another piece of pottery from you,
beautiful as i'm sure your work is.
And, recognize that this is a great way to
support the promotion of Clayart and the craft of
pottery to the public. I have bought 5 copies myself,
the first time i have ever bought anything
intentionally for Christmas presents before Dec. 5th
in my life! The people I pass these along to can't
help but gain a further appreciation for potting in
general, and for the good taste, in work and in food,
that potters have by nature. :<)
Promotion of the art of clay is essential to the
survival of this time honored craft. If no one speaks
the language, the language dies. In this case, the
language is clay, and for me, the more ways in which
we can reach those who are attracted to hand made
work, and deepen their understanding and appreciation
of that which we do, the longer this absolutely
wonderful thing we call pottery will exist.
So pony up and buy a few of these cookbooks. And
hats off to Lisa for all her hard work and dedication.

Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Whispering Pines, Ca. 95426

c(_)~~~~~~~~~ Sipping a hot mug of coffee amongst the
pines on an unusually cool summers' day, where the
high has only been 95 degrees instead of 105. (Not

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