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one web page blurb (was: cookbook enthusiasm?)

updated sat 4 aug 01


Fabienne Micheline Cassman on fri 3 aug 01


I still have my site up and running last time I checked ;) and the offer is
still open. One page with your pix and a couple of images of your work
plus a statement. Nothing fancy, but I'm working pro bono and NOOOOOOO,
you get more than what you paid for ;) Check my site out under "Guest Artists" You may just
recognize someone :) If you're interested and cannot download the pdf on
the "Contact Info" page, fill out the form and I'll email the guideline to
you. Simple.

See you there!


At 02:30 PM 08/03/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>But, what about a site or a book of clayArter? One picture of you/me
>one recipe clay/glaze one piece made out of the given recipe. One

Milky Way Ceramics

Yes, I have learned from my mistakes...
I can reproduce them exactly.