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henny penny's thanks - re : crackled dinnerware

updated thu 2 aug 01


Chris Campbell on wed 1 aug 01

Quick notes to close this subject for me, for now.

ONE - Thanks to Primalmommy for hitting the nail on the head.

"This is a list that gets archived, and is available to potters of every
level.I would hope that for every "great cone 6 crackle recipe for
dinnerware" post,there's a henny penny post close behind."

TWO - If you didn't want to hear about the risks of what you were doing, why
did you bother to mention it was for dinnerware??? Did you think you would
get encouraged?

THREE - So even if there is no health risk it still stains and gets ugly.

FOUR - Chris Campbell in North Carolina is a SHE. And yes, she is a pain in
the butt when it comes to quality.