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cone6/reduction myth

updated mon 30 jul 01


mel jacobson on sun 29 jul 01

i am sitting here with two very nice, well designed
pots that just came from a gas/electric kiln.

reduced, nice color in body.
i saw:
cone 6 black shino from the same kiln.

nice job sherman (from ceramic monthly staff)
he did a good job building his gas/electric, and now
the pots are rolling out.

it a charm.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:

John Post on sun 29 jul 01

Hi Mel,

I've had less than stellar success with my gas-electric conversion. =20
I tried it last year after reading Nil's book, but before your article =
came out.

I took a small Cress electric (1.6 cubic feet) that was in good shape =
and sprayed the inside with itc100 and coated new elements with itc 213. =
I didn't respray over the top of the elements with itc100 again, since =
this wasn't part of the directions in Nil's book. I got about 8 good =
gas firings out of it before my elements burned through in several =
spots. =20

I took a look at what I did and thought that maybe the new elements =
reacted with the kilns original staples that I used to hold them in =
place. I thought that this was my mistake on the first try, using old =
staples to hold in new elements.

So I took the elements out and the second time, I followed all of the =
directions "to the letter" in your article and I used no staples to hold =
the new elements in. I dipped the new elements in the 213, then sprayed =
over them with the 100 ....then fired it twice and then coated with the =
topcoat of get the idea...

...and on my very first reduction firing two of the 4 elements burned =
out. Where they burned out you can see this hard blackish green bubbly =
substance that looks like glaze...but no glaze jumped off any pots. I'm =
at a loss as to why elements are burning out in this weird way....

I know other potters are reporting good success with this type of kiln =
but this hasn't been my experience.=20

John Post