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.....and uneven kilns

updated sat 28 jul 01


iandol on fri 27 jul 01

I think it is becoming clear from some of the conversations which are =
developing that the term "Kiln Master" may have a deeper meaning than =
many realise.
I tend to consider that firing glazed clay is a balancing act which =
brings together two incompatible systems. When I ignore this I get =
The compromise which seems to bring both together in the best possible =
way is an extended firing since this allows two competing complex =
chemistries to achieve their end points. Perhaps the current confusion =
relating to heating rates and unevenness in firing would be resolved if =
the fable of the "Old Bull and the Young Bull" were considered, in the =
nicest metaphorical sense.
As an aside. How many people who have ever had throwing problems and =
responded by following the guideline of adding grog to firm up their =
clay have found afterwards that their clay has been slower to mature =
using their standard firing cycle? And if this was the case, how did you =
cure it. Now, what caused the problem?
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia