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exploding shelves

updated fri 27 jul 01


Cliff on thu 26 jul 01

I'm wondering if you live in a dry climate? In Northern California, you
could take a shower under the branches of a redwood that gathers dew
during that night. Did you know to keep your ADVANCERS dry when you
first purchased them?

"If you keep ADVANCERS dry they are "DROP DEAD WONDERFUL." I have been
them for five or more years, and they are fired every day. The only
that I have had was when I dropped them. No warps, or cracks, or
failures in
the kiln. I wish that everything that I bought was as satisfactory as
My only complaint is that they are expensive. Since they have outlasted
old shelves by so much they really are a bargain. I used to replace my
corederite shelves at least once a year.
Keep them dry and they seem to last forever."