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k. marlatt's kiln location

updated thu 26 jul 01


Rick Bowman on wed 25 jul 01

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>I have a question about kiln location. =20
Space is limited however thus locations for the kiln are limited. would l=
ike a kiln that can be running while people work in the area. Is this pos=

Dear Katie,
I attend a Junior College in Hanceville, Alabama which has an indoor=
kiln. The kiln is a large Bailey kiln which is completely enclosed in i=
ts own room sealed with a double door. In addition to the kiln's flue it=
also has an exhaust fan. I think to move the kiln inside cost an additi=
onal $7,000 but to answer your question, yes I think so, especially when =
money is no object. Good luck. =
Rick Bowman =20



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