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work surface, wall paint, and now a firing question

updated wed 25 jul 01


Nancy C. Grenard on tue 24 jul 01

Thanks to all who responded to my question about work surfaces.
For now I've decided to use a rectangle of drywall (with duct
taped edges) over a "formica" countertop (the carpenter had
already ordered this per my earlier specification). I didn't get any
responses to my second question about wall paint (I had asked it in
the same paragraph so some thought it referred to my work
surface question), I'm thinking that I'll use a gloss paint so it'll be

Now I have another question....and forgive me if this is really basic,
but if a glaze recipe doesn't mention either reduction or oxidation, is
there a safe assumption to make? Are there some ingredients that
ought to tip me off? Thanks. much to learn