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lucie rie book

updated tue 24 jul 01


karen gringhuis on sun 22 jul 01

Rachael -

Phone HACKER ART BOOKS in New York city - maybe a long
shot but try.

There's also a dealer in Corning NY specializing in
glass and ceramics whose name escapes me but their
Chamber of Commerce would help you find her.
However, her prices usually seem way too high to me.

Internet out-of-print book search sites: (no
guarantee these are all still operating but .......) my note says this one incl.
most of the above but I've never
tried it.

If you find very FEW listings and they're out of your
price range, wait it out and keep checking. Sometimes
there are wild variations between dealers for the same
title. Learn the lingo as to the condition of the
book - you may not really care about a dust jacket or
pristine condition, etc.

If all else fails and you've got to have this book, it
might still be in print in England. Waterstones is a
lg. British chain and I know they have a location in
Wolverhampton which you could phone -- or e-mail??

I once used a retailer named Reference Works in
Swanage (?) Dorset (?) ENGLAND - they specialized in
books on ceramics and porcelain. The air shipping (my
choice) about doubled the cost of the book but for
Michael Cardew, it was worth it. If you want this
address, write me.

Don't know if they have a web site but BOOKMANS in
Tuscon AZ has their stock beautifully organized incl.
a "ceramics" section - a phone call might turn up what
you want.

Good luck.

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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