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hello from dc

updated tue 24 jul 01


Aiko Ichimura on mon 23 jul 01

Hello friends,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that there is a
very wonderful exhibit at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC.
Althouh the exhibit is about Japanese Fishermen's coats from Awaji
shima, we,the Urasenke Tea School DC Chapter members will be
presenting Tea ceremony on July 28th from 10.30. There will be 3
sessions. Please check their web site for detail at the below address.
It would be very nice to see you there if you can find time to come.
We will be serving special Tea from Kyoto that one of our member
brought back from Japan recently. And of cause you can observe how Tea
cereramics are used in the Tea ceremony... and can ask any questions
about them after the presentation.

Aiko in DC....finally thinking of touching clay..may be...

Japanese Fishermen's Coats from Awaji Island
June 29 - September 2, 2001
Sashiko stitching both embellished and strengthened textiles in rural
Japan. On the island of Awaji, this simple running stitch in white
thread was elaborated into beautiful and intricate geometric patterns
that adorned fishermen's coats, called donza. The exhibition focuses
on the unique group of coats on this small island, offering a special
opportunity to investigate this embroidery tradition closely in terms
of its context, distinctive iconography, and technology. Over 20
sashiko no donza are featured, along with artifacts and photographs
that illustrate life in Awaji fishing villages during the late 19th
century. The exhibition was organized and produced by the UCLA Fowler
Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles and the University Art Museum,
University of California, Santa Barbara.

Educational programming in conjunction with this exhibition include a
tea ceremony and a sashiko workshop.

July 28,2001
Saturday, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, & 2:30 pm
The traditional Japanese tea ceremony will be led by members of the
Washington, DC Chapter of the Urasenke School of Tea. We will serve
tea and discuss the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and the textiles
used during the ceremony.
Reservations required; limited to 35.
Fee: $5/members; $8/non-members.
Call (202) 667-0441, ext. 35 to register.