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updated wed 25 jul 01


Joyce Lee on tue 24 jul 01

I know Lisa is incredibly busy... and she has a life
to lead other than editing, you know. Kept
changing my mind, Lisa, as to what to send ...
changed it again this morning.... so I'm headin'
out to the Inyokern postoffice to ask about Overnight Express..... just =
making the deadline
(I hope) as is often The Case With Me and Clay.
What a great idea, you clever person!

Odd, when it came down to it, I decided to select
three of the pots that visitors often opt to handle
rather than just inspect visually.... instead of the=20
trickier stuff I've been doing lately. AND they are
three of the group that I never offer for sale, even though I don't =
believe they're my best work. Strange.
Think my sub-person is trying to tell me something about making work =
that touches me
instead of thinking about what is clever and/or artsy... and
maybe just getting better at making whatever is
my natural bent??? Think maybe it's true that
my little id knows what I want to make ... that maybe I do have an =
artistic spark in the depths of my soul???

Nah.. someday I'll look at these and think I was
a Raving Oddity to even imagine that they are
anything but amateurish ..... too late!! The mail
leaves very soon...... out the door with this Pretend Zen person ...... =
hmmmm treading in dangerous waters here..... isn't a PretendZen at
least illegal???? Won't something get me if I
continue this irreverence???

In the Mojave wondering if any of you saw the
earthquake news last week from the Mojave... the
little desert hamlet shown on the news was=20
Inyokern.... our closest metropolis..... about 900
pop this week.... 2 miles from my front door......
visible from front window..... that's how far you can easily see in the =
desert.... air so clear I can see
the store fronts......=20