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cookbook: meatloaf?

updated sat 21 jul 01


Stephani Stephenson on fri 20 jul 01

Mel wrote
"that mudmistress, tile maker, and blabber on clayart
perhaps she will send us all her recipe for `meatloaf`."


That DUZ IT!
fer the Dang Cuu-ukbuu-u-uk
cowse I DOWAN'T mek no dang FUNKSHEENAL way-are

unlessin I cu-uld cram one of them maytloaf sammiches eeyan the gullet
of wun uv mah dang bird jars or somethin'
Or mebbe put it on a Tahyul or somethin,
S.O.S. we'd hafta call it ...'somethin' on a shingle ' I do BUH-LEEVE.

Wayall, since a tahyul IS funksheenal ah gess
yew culd show off yer maytloaf on it or eat off it,
But Ah jest dint thank this cukbuk wuz fer me, cuz of thayat .
Kanda lahk a lil bayastrd maytloaf on a lil baystrd tayhal.
but who cares about the tayhal if the maytloaf is gu-u-u-uu-d.

NOW Ah do have a cupl bow-els ah culd put some maytloaf soup in.
But maytloaf soup iz really somethin ya down't want tuh pass arowand.
or mebbe I culd drape some sgetti awl around a sculpcher that ah made once,
or have sum soup shoottin out of a fowantain.
Duz that cowant?
Or wuld it jest peyass off everyone owan the leeeyust?
It maht be kanda sacree-lee-geee-us

Yep, Fraid there'd have tah be a funny page for me or mah loaf

Plus remaymber, since ah moved tuh Californa, I had tuh give up the
maytloaf and chikken frahd steak dieyet.
An I did cuuk you them 20 pounds a vegebles at Hayuh crick,
I know they's hardly fit tuh eat ,though.

ah feel so sorry for you, not gettin no maytloaf sammich fer so dang
long, ah cuuld jes CRAH!
no wunder you are so cussed ornery.
An' Ah blab SO dang much nowdays fer the same dang reason

now ah am so dang angstergated about this whole thang ah don't know WHUT
tah do
yers truahlee,

Well, Alright Mel
That does it! I CAN't send meatloaf for the Cookbook because I don't
make functional ware to put the meatloaf in (or on) Unless , maybe, I
could cram a meatloaf sandwich in the gullet of one of my bird jars or
something. , or maybe put it on a tile or something. S.O.S. we'd have to
call it,'something on a shingle', or a similar phrase. Well, since a
tile IS functional I guess you could eat off it . But I just didn't
think the cookbook applied. I do have a couple of bowls I could put
meatloaf soup in, but then again , meatloaf soup is not something you
really wan't to encourage, and neither are my bowls. Well they are OK I
Or, maybe I could drape some spaghetti all around a sculpture I once
made. Or have soup broth shooting out of a fountain?
Does that count? Yes I have had ideas, but I fear they are outside the
scoope of a normal, healthy cookbook. I am afraid there would have to be
a comedy section .
P.S meatloaf doesn't age well enough down here in S.Cal to make decent
meatloaf sandwiches, especially since they recently deregulated
meatloaf in California, you just don't know WHAT you are going to get
anymore when you visit the rendering plant and it is SO expensive!. As
for the sandwich:whitebread just doesn't have the same compression /
absorption ratio as it use to.

Now hush about the meatloaf, you live right next to the motherlode of
meatloaf and you know it!
Next time you go to the market just look at all the SMILES on their

eating a crow sandwich today, kinda boney, gotta put a lotta catsup on
it .....

Yours truly

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad Ca