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cookbook: meatloaf . oops!

updated sat 21 jul 01


Stephani Stephenson on fri 20 jul 01

Lisa wrote:
"Now *I* am getting irritated.
I have said many, many,many,many,*****MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! ****that
work does NOT have to be functional or have ANYTHING to do with food in
order to be featured in the cookbook. Russel Fouts makes smoke fired
his work will be in the cookbook . Charlie and Linda Riggs make Saggar

Fired work. You can't eat off it, but you'll see it in the cookbook.
me see if I can make this any clearer:

You don't have to send images of pots with food.
You don't have to send images of the recipe you send.

Hi Lisa, my apologies for my own DANG ignorance!
my silly post was spurred on by Mel's mention of meatloaf,
But thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding.
Earlier in the summer a San Diego clay group which I belong to had a
show which did feature dinnerware
place settings etc. and was very clear about not allowing anything not
directly related to the serving of food.
So I must have gotten the two mixed up in my mind,

Obviously I have not been following all the posts on COOKBOOK topic, as
I tend to scan the list these busy days.

I know you have been working very diligently trying to get the word out!

So , now that I realize I don't have to stage a food photo or actually
cook something that is photo worthy
I will try to send something out, though will have to see if the MAC to
translation will work.

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad, CA