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planning an exhibition.

updated sat 21 jul 01


Timakia@AOL.COM on wed 18 jul 01

We are planning an exhibition of my work to benifit a lady in our church that
has lupus in a very severe form. Since I never done that here in the USA, I
will need information on a couple of things please.
What is the best and cheapest form of invitations? Postcards with a photo of
one of my pieces or one where I work or....? I see some persons use real
photographs and send that out with s information sticker on the back.
What about other ways of advertising. To your experience what is the best way
and then... I have to build up an invitation list. Any special advise on
that? Percentage wise how many people attend to exhibitions.
Since it will only be my work, how many pieces would you suggest I exhibit.
My pots sells between $30-$350 a piece.
I am looking forward to any advice in this regard. Thank you.

Antoinette Badenhorst
PO Box 552

Marie Gibbons on wed 18 jul 01
you can upload digital images and have postcards printed very reasonable.
i have done them and the quality is good (provided the image sent is a good
good luck

marie gibbons

Timakia@AOL.COM on fri 20 jul 01

Thanks for this advice Marie, we will take this into concideration. There are
many things that I guess I will have to do by trail and error still,since you
are the only one that responded to my request. Thanks for that anyway.

Antoinette Badenhorst
PO Box 552