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architectural ceramics workshop in italy

updated thu 19 jul 01


Elca Branman on tue 17 jul 01

A caryatid is a figure, generally a clothed female, found on greek
architecture standing as a support for a roof or tympaneum( the word may
be incorrect but it IS late at night.)

We didn't take anything home from the workshop except memories and

I do wish my photo sender were up, because you could see the finished
creature with its red terrasigillata tongue hanging out.. I don't know if
it ever got fired...Things that were large simply don't dry out in 2
weeks time ..and in any case,sitting on the airplane with a 4ft sculpture
on my lap?

Elca Branman

,Joyce wrote...
> Elca, your carytid is magnificent! But..... suppose
> I could look it up...... what IS a carytid??)
> I'm curious, though, as to when the work is fired and
> how it is transported to the homes of the
> participants??
> Thank you for sharing.
> Joyce
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