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chattanooga pottery

updated wed 18 jul 01


Valerie Johnson on sun 15 jul 01

I am planning a trip to the Chattanooga area; where is the pottery I need to
Valerie Johnson
Eads, Tennessee

Rick Bowman on tue 17 jul 01

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From: Valerie Johnson
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 8:03 AM
Subject: chattanooga pottery
About your trip to Chattanooga, if it is not too far out of your way=
you might want to stop by the John C. Campbell Folkschool in Brasstown, =
NC. They have a ceramic dept. and giftshop on the campus. While there, =
ask someone to demonstrate making a double walled vessel. Just to be on =
the safe side...I'd call their 800 number and check on their schedule. S=
ee if they have a web site too. Good luck. Rick

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Clay Grigsby on tue 17 jul 01

Grigsby Pottery. e-mail for more info.