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updated tue 17 jul 01


Chris Clarke on mon 16 jul 01

Finally, I revamped the California Potters list. Everything is linked =
so you can jump right to the site from my page. You can also email =
people right from my site.

I would suggest, that if you are on the list, go and email yourself to =
make sure the address is correct. I'll be doing it but it may take me a =
while. And please don't assume you are on the list, I tend to loose =
things, you need to check.

If you aren't on the list, get on it!! And update if you have new info. =
Also, some of you didn't provide all the information so if your listing =
is missing something, email me. Email me from the page so it has the =
right subject heading and I won't over look it.

If I missed you, sorry, email me again with a wrist slap. =20

And please email me privately so as to not clog clayart (and I'll miss =
it, I have over 300 unread in my folder that I'm wading through) =

temecula, california