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potter's tool belt, "suggestions"

updated sun 15 jul 01


Philip Poburka on sat 14 jul 01

Dear Ann,


Hmmm...make it 'just' the Belt...with just a touch of co-ordinated
accessories, as maybe braid your hair up in a nice single Pony-Tail, and
wear some high-cut, cap-toe, lace up Boots, with tall, cotton socks folded
over at their mid-calf tops...that should work...pretty need to do
too much, just 'right' is often the elusive OF...just 'enough'.

Good luck!
I am sure it would be a 'hit'!

Las Vegas...

> I never enjoy the dress up type function to which I am going tonight. I
> will wear my tool belt. Any suggestions on the style of dress for the best
> impact?
> Ann
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