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corning, ny--economy and art show

updated fri 13 jul 01


Mudcat Pottery on thu 12 jul 01


We're to leave for Corning NY and its ArtsFest next week, but just read that
Corning Inc. has been laying off employees left and right. Should we be
mildly concerned or panicked?

We're driving 13 hours from Indiana to do the show, but signed up for the
show so we could visit family in Buffalo on the way home. We were initially
confident because Corning was riding high. It has more Phds than any town
outside Los Alamos and appears to support the arts.

Any words of wisdom? Does anyone know much about the show and how it's
I'm assuming the show will be down, but by how much? Is this a good show
that will be mediocre or a so-so show that could be a blood-letting?


Jerry Yarnetsky
The potter's husband, CFO and gopher
Mudcat Pottery
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