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"pricing," etc.

updated tue 10 jul 01


Howard Scoggins on mon 9 jul 01

We have taken a great deal of time lately on Clayart to discuss
signatures, pricing, what is "artsy", what is "craftsy", etc. Now, in a
turn for the better, we are toying with poetry.

The signature/prices/what is "artsy" thing is the same hydra headed
monster. There is a simple answer: do what YOU want to do. You'll do it

But, in keeping with our turn to The Muse, I'll state it another way.

The time for arguing
and misunderstanding
is over -- Forget about
"high" and "low",
who is stoned,
who is sober, about
going this way or that.

There is an object
for every coin. Use-ful
things at one price,
use-less things
for more.
things appease your
conscience, use-less
things inflame the mind.

Be use-ful. Be use-less.
Be both.

Be yourself.


I won't do this again. I almost promise.

Howard Scoggins