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updated mon 9 jul 01


Helen Bates on sat 7 jul 01

Recent finds: as listed above, and more...

Hands On Com
Virtual "hands on" "toys"
Virtual Hands On Pottery Wheel
Needs Shockwave Plugin
Amazing little plaything.

Bernard Palissy$Search?list&=1&=bernard&=And&=Yes&=palissy&=&=&=Yes&=Yes&=f
FAMSF: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
7 images, enlargeable to excellent close-up size. Pieces I haven't
seen elsewhere.

Queens Borough Public Library Gallery
Forms and TransFormations: Current Expressions in Ceramics, from Art
to Industry 2001
Focuses on the diverse uses of clay, from utilitarian objects and
sculptural expressions to industrial parts, showing work by New
York-based clay artists.

Previous discoveries - still catching up...

David Roberts
British Rakuist of consummate artistry.

Antique American Butter Crocks
Country Living Magazine Online
3 page article on antique American butter crocks; there are several

Mostly ceramic antiques; nice site.

Santa Clara pottery etc.
Native American Collections, Inc. Commercial but straightforward
A well-organized site with much beautiful work.

Erik Bright
There was a brief mention of Erik recently on Clayart
Eastern Washngton University
Clay on the Wall National Invitational

Iowa Artisan's Gallery
Woodfire Pages:
Links to woodfired pots by various artists
Link to diagrams of kiln

Kenneth Price
The Fred Marer Collection - Kenneth Price, Voulkos, Soldner
& Otis 1950's ceramists

British "Post-modern" ceramists Elisabeth Fritsch and Beth Lo
Click on Artists' names then at top of page on "Portfolio"
Mobilia Gallery main page:

At Eureka Crafts
David MacDonald
David MacDonald has taught ceramics at
Syracuse University for 30 years.
His work might be compared with that of
Clayarter Donald Rush (Artimater) Tucker:
Rush suggested to me that MacDonald's is based
on "hard geometry" while Rush's is perhaps more "organic".

Also at Eureka Crafts:
Click on a couple's name and you'll arrive at
a list of pieces by various artists (clay and
other crafts) who have made pieces the couple has chosen.

Ancient pottery in Iowa
This is an educational site at the Iowa State Archeologist's web site.
Line drawings of pots, plus text.
The first pot can be clicked on to enlarge drawing.

The Cowan Site (13WD88): A Great Oasis Village
Educational links on archaology of the Great Oasis site, including:

The Carbondale Clay Center:
Nancy Barbour pots at the Carbondale Clay Center:

Japanese pages on aspects of pottery in English:
Tools, paint brushes, making, glazing and firing.
Pottery - Symphony of Earth, Flame and Glaze
Surf the rest of the site while you're at it!

The Cobb Institute
The Lois Dowdle Cobb Museum of Archaeology
Click on "A Virtual Museum" for many links to ancient pottery of the
world. Salvadoran section is good.

Tom Radka
Commercial site, with a little info on making and firing methods.
Plates, vessels and tile work, intensely coloured.

Artisans International Gallery - pottery
A collection of crafts, folk and tribal art
Scroll down to near bottom to see 3 very different pieces by:
Ken Pick; Shipibo Amazon Basin (Peru); Denise Ford;

La Meridiana School, Tuscany, Italy
Worth revisiting for gallery alone.

Text-based search engineand ghe Guide to Art & Craft Workshops.
Result of ceramics/pottery keyword search


Helen Bates